Q: What is an inlay?

A: An inlay is a custom manufactured piece of laminate that completely covers the bottom of a bathtub or shower. Using special adhesive, a permanent bond is created to the tub or shower bottom. The end result is a permanently repaired fixture.

Q: What does an inlay do?

 A: Inlays permanently repair cracks in fiberglass, plastic and acrylic tub and shower bottoms. The damaged bottom is permanently repaired with a brand new slip resistant bottom. 

Q: What type of fixtures can an inlay be used on?

 A: Fiberglass, plastic and acrylic bathtub and shower bottoms.

Q: What types of surfaces are not suitable for an inlay?

A: Inlays are not suitable for porcelain, ceramic, pressed steel or cast iron bathtub or shower bottoms.


Q: What colors do inlays come in?

A: We have two very popular colors, white and bone. Plus, inlays can be refinished along with a bathtub or shower to any color your customer wants.

Q: Can I custom order an anti-slip surface for my inlay?

A: All inlays come standard with a built-in anti-slip surface. It's never an extra cost.

Q: What about the edge of the inlay?

A: Our precision manufactured inlays have an attractive beveled edge that blends right in with the fixture.

Q: How durable are inlays?

A: Extremely durable. The new inlay will permanently bond to the existing tub or shower bottom. A properly installed inlay will not leak, crack or delaminate.

Q: What if the tub or shower bottom is soft?

A: Not a problem, we will drill few holes in the the fixture bottom and fill with a Froth Pak. The bottom will be shored up nicely and the inlay will cover the holes.

Q: How long before my customer can use their bathtub or shower?

 A: 24 hours to shower, 48 hours to bath.

Q: How should my customer clean the inlay?

A: Clean as you would any fiberglass, acrylic or plastic surface.

Q: What is the  guarantee on the inlay?

A: There is a 5-year warranty against cracking or pealing. 

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