Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What types of refinishing do you do?
A. We do bathtub, shower stall, sink, tile,  countertop, and cabinet refinishing.


Q. Does your refinishing work include any warranties or guarantees?
A. We offer the best guarantee around; it’s a five-year, hassle-free warranty. If you have any related problems we will fix them for free. At Safe Floor Solutions we stand behind our work.


Q. Do you fix cracks on fiberglass tubs bottoms?
A. Yes, we have a  specialized system for fiberglass tub repair. Most companies avoid repairing fiberglass tubs. However, we have a dependable process that allows us to repair your tub quickly and easily. 


Q. Do you offer refinishing in a color other than white?
A. Yes. We can do your refinishing in a variety of colors, like almond or bisque. There is an extra fee of $35 when you choose a color other than bright white.


Q. How long will the bathtub refinish last?
A. When the care and maintenance instructions are followed our refinishing job will last for many years.


Q. How long does it take to refinish a bathtub?
A. Depending upon conditions, a bathtub reglazing job typically lasts anywhere from 3-4 hours. 


Q. When can I use my tub after it has been refinished?
A. After the tub refinishing process, you’ll need to wait just 2 hours before using the bathtub again. Most other companies make you wait 24 hours. That can be a hassel if this is your only bathroom.


Q. Can I get a non-slip tub bottom?

A. Yes, we offer non-slip bottoms that are part of the finish. There is a charge of $50 for this product.

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