Anti-Slip Treatment:



1. What kind of surfaces does Safe Floor Solutions, LLC treat?

  • Ceramic Tile
  • Porcelain Tile
  • Travertine Tile
  • Quarry Tile
  • Brick
  • Concrete
  • Terrazzo
  • Marble
  • Granite
  • Porcelain Tubs
  • Fiberglass Tubs

 2. When can we walk on the floor?

The floor can be walked on as soon as it is neutralized. It will be wet but not slippery.


3. Is this a coating that goes on my floor?

This is not a coating that can wear off. Safe Floor Solutions, LLC imprints a microscopic tread pattern on the tiles that is so slight it is not visible to the eye.


4. How long will it last?

We give a two year warranty on the slip resistance of your treated floors. Coatings on the floor may reduce the slip resistance of the floor. Coatings can be a buildup of dirt and grease. Waxes and sealers will coat the floor.


5. What if I am not sure what type of floor tile I have?

If youi send us a sample of your tile we will tell what you have. Possibly a photo will do the trick.


6. Will the product be diluted?

No; dilution is not necessary. We use a mild but effective concentration from the factory.


7. How long will the whole process take?

The chemicals will only be on the floor for a rew minutes. The time is in the preparation, cleaning, sample testing, and it needs to be rinsed three times. It also depends on how many square feet are being done.


8. Will my tile change in appearance?

Typically there is little to no change in appearance of your tilies. Highly polished marble or granite could result into a mat finish after treatment. We always sugest a sample test before treatment.



Q: What is the HURRICONE?
A: The HURRICONE is not your ordinary safety cone, it is a new innovative safety device. The HURRICONE not only warns pedestrians of a potential slip hazard, it actually assists in drying your wet floor with a continuous flow of air traveling outward 360 degrees and up to 15 feet in diameter covering 177 square feet.

Q: How does this new innovative product work?

A: A powerful 320 CFM DC fan is combined with a 12 Volt - 24 Amp Hour rechargeable battery pack. These main components are incorporated into the polymeric base of the HURRICONE. The HURRICONE's high CFM fan draws air in thru the intake grills and forces the air into the specially designed patent pending 360 degree Air Director on the bottom of the unit. This Air Director actually squeezes the air and creates a boundary layer or barrier of continuous airflow that travels across the flooring surface 360 degrees around the unit covering 177 square feet.

Q: When & where should the HURRICONE be used?
A: The HURRICONE should be used anytime there is a wet floor to limit your exposure of a potential slip & fall accident. The HURRICONE should be used while mopping floors to speed the drying time by up to 90% over evaporative air-drying. The HURRICONE should be used near entrances during wet weather to assist in drying wet floors caused by pedestrian foot traffic. Most establishments use removable carpets or matting in these areas but these items quickly get saturated and act as a "Stamp Pad" for pedestrians shoes. The transition area from the entryway mat to a hard floor is a common slip and fall location.

Q: Is the HURRICONE portable?
A: Yes. Unlike typical corded floor dryer units which create their own inherent trip hazard, The HURRICONE is cordless and not limited to placement near an electrical outlet. With it's 2.5 inch non-marring lockable casters it can easily be rolled to any location. The HURRICONE also doubles as a safety cone dolly. It's space saving design allows you to simply stack, transport & deploy safety cones when & where they are needed.

Q: How long does it run?
A: The Hurricone will run for up to 8 continuous hours on a rechargeable / replaceable battery pack. The HURRICONE's removable / replaceable battery pack feature allows the user to replace a spent battery pack with a freshly charged battery pack, thus allowing the Hurricone to never be out of service while charging. This feature is perfect for establishments that need 24/7 usage or just like to have a spare freshly charged battery handy.

Q: How do I recharge it?
A: The HURRICONE comes with a Smart Charger. No need to worry about ruining the battery by forgetting to unplug the charger when the battery recharge cycle is complete. This Smart Charger can safely be left plugged in for long periods of time without doing harm to the battery. The computer controlled Smart Charger will sense when the battery is fully charged and switch to a Trickle / Float mode to keep the battery freshly charged and ready to go. The battery can be recharged two different ways: By simply plugging the battery charger into the charging jack on the main unit or by plugging the battery charger directly into the battery pack. The battery pack recharges in about 8 hours and the Smart Charger will indicate when the charge cycle is complete.

Q: Is the HURRICONE safe?
A: Yes. The HURRICONE was designed and engineered with more than just floor safety in mind. The units moving parts are securely covered with grilles that conform to the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association safety standards. The Sealed Lead Acid battery is constructed using Absorbent Glass Mat technology for superior performance and is non-spillable. It is approved for transportation by the Department of Transportation, the International Air Transport Association and the Federal Aviation Administration. The battery is UL listed and carries the CE mark. The battery charger with Smart Charger Technology is UL listed and caries the CE mark.

Q: What do I get with The HURRICONE?
A: The HURRICONE is available with or without a safety cone. Model HSC 6000 contains the HURRICONE base, a 36 inch safety cone, the rechargeable battery pack, a Smart Charger and the owners manual. Model HUR 6000 contains everything except for the 36 inch safety cone. The HURRICONE base was designed to accept the HURRICONE™ Brand, Rubbermaid® & Lamba Systems® 36 in. safety cones.

Q: Does it come assembled?

A: The HURRICONE was designed for simple no-tools assembly, simply place the battery pack on the base, snap-on the battery retainer, plug the battery pack into the base, place the cone over top and flip the cone retainers.


Q: What is the expected life of the product?
A: The replaceable battery pack has a rated life of 350-500 charging cycles. The fan has a rated life of 50,000 hours, that's over 11 years if you ran the unit 8 hours a day, everyday. The HURRICONE's polymeric base is corrosion, chemical & impact resistant and is constructed for many years of use.

Q: Does it come with a warranty?
A: Yes. The HURRICONE was designed & engineered to give you many years of use and is manufactured under strict quality guidelines. The entire product is warranted for 1 year.

Q: How Can I get a Demo Unit?
A: Ask your distributor or call Beach Sales & Engineering to get information on the HURRICONE Demo Program.

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